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Mobile Home Loan Experience

I have been a customer of Cash Loans Canada for 3 years. The staffs were so friendly and professional. They reached out as soon as I submitted my mobile home loan application. My credit score was not perfect, but I was able to the amount I asked for in a timely manner using my mobile home as a collateral.

Ricky C. Williams
April 18, 2018

Great & Excellent Services

Getting a loan is not easy especially when you have a bad credit. The team at Cash Loans Canada were helpful. I would recommend them to anyone out there who needs help!!

Bridgetta Pauline
March 1, 2018

Car Title Loan is a Life-Saver

I had a very good experience with Cash Loans Canada. Their car title loan program deserves five stars! I highly recommend to those who need money but doesn’t have a perfect credit score.

Adriana Therrien
February 12, 2018

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